As a practitioner, David put me at ease with Reiki in the first session.  He carefully explained what it is, its potential benefits and how it works.  He explored with me any reservations that I might have with hand positions and touch.  He developed my trust.  Once the session was underway, I could sense the body and mind relaxing.  I could feel an energy passing into the body.  At times it felt as if “I” disappeared leaving just relaxation and peace.  I would recommend him to others without reservation.

Bob T

David is an amazing combination of ability, knowledge and kindness. His thirst for deeper knowledge keeps him furthering his education in all things Reiki and healing. And his giving nature adds to what is already an amazing energy atmosphere. Even the environment he shares Reiki in emits a calm healing energy. I love participating in Reiki at Davids. Its where healing begins.

Reiki Master Karen Bessel

Before a session even starts, David embodies a sense of calm and already Reiki is being transmitted. The beginning of a session starts with cleansing techniques that bring one in to the right frame of mind to receive healing. Also, they remind you that your body can heal itself with the right guidance. David provides that guidance, but more, he works with love, care and respect for the client.

During a session, you feel Reiki energy being channeled through David. It comes in various forms, but many times, a comforting heat. I also feel a deep relaxation. I think the reason I am able to relax is that David is so respectful and considerate of individual needs. He never forces someone into something they are not comfortable with or puts them in an awkward situation.

All of these aspects combined ensure one that they are in the presence of an authentic Reiki Master.


I have been to see David a few times and have always felt relaxed, safe and open to the experience of Reiki. The energy in his room is amazing. He is helping me open and align my chakras and helping me find emotional balance. David really cares about where you are in your life, your emotional state and what you hope to get out of each session. He will talk with you and answer any questions you may have about Reiki . We do Reiki shares together and the energy that fills the room is an incredible. When I leave Davids  I always feel a sense of peace, joy and love.

Carrie Danielson

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Reiki makes a great gift for the Loved ones in your life!

Learning Reiki
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Level I & ll is perfect training for yourself and others with the symbols used in Reiki and to be able to start your own business and have your own clients.

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Can Reiki be done at a distance?

Reiki works at a distance very well. It is very similarly to an in person Reiki session. The part that people like best is that they can stay in the comfort of their own home and relax knowing they will not have to drive somewhere after having a wonderful experience with Reiki.

We first set up a time for the session. When it its time I call to talk and discuss what your needs are.  Then I will ask you to find a comfortable place to relax and meditate on the connection I am sending you energetically from a distance and scan you to determine where your body needs Reiki. After giving Reiki for 45 min or longer depending on the scheduled session length, I will then call you back to see what you felt and share what I noticed during the seesion. 

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